2013-07-09 11:08:29
Bolt back home from Big Brother
Bolt said that being in the Big Brother house is completely different, as it is a whole completely different world, where you are disconnected
2013-07-04 15:16:13
Betty Could Be Jailed For 6 Years For Having Sex in BBA
And with BBA openly allowing sex in the house, does Ethiopia consider that before allowing their contestants to take part in such a ‘heathen’ show?
2013-07-02 04:35:01
Sierra Leone's Bolt evicted from BBA
As much as Bolt was the man they all loved to hate, he will be missed by his Housemates because he brought something nobody else did
2013-06-25 03:18:34
Ngoma Africa Band going From Strength To Strength
"Supu ya Mawe" advices the listeners to work hard and be patient while pursuing their objectives in life. It also appeals for generosity towards the n
2013-06-24 02:43:36
SaloneJamboree to host Face of Peace Africa Sierra Leone
CEO of SaloneJamboree, Murtala Mohamed Kamara, was officially approached by the international organisers, Blumoon Imaginationz,
2013-06-22 09:06:11
The Story Behind Kim Kardashian's Baby Name (Did You Notice What 'Nori' Stands For?)
2013-06-22 06:46:32
Adventures in Sierra Leone
Banana Islands, off the coast of Freetown, are the place to get a first-hand sense of the slave trade that sadly defined this country’s history.
2013-06-20 06:43:08
Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion
However, the sentence was suspended -- and under Italian law, sentences of less than three years are typically served via house arrest
2013-06-15 05:08:40
Young Sierra Leonean musicians excel in Arizona
2013-06-11 10:51:42
Zainab promotes Sierra Leone Movie Industry
The movie ‘Ghetto Queen’ is borne out of the inspiration and desire to put Sierra Leone high up on the world’s movie ratings.
2013-06-11 10:28:38
Mario Balotelli Proposes to Girlfriend With a GBP100,000 Diamond Ring (PHOTO)
The footballer had previously been in a relationship with 25-year old presenter Raffaella Fico who claims her four-month old child Pia is his daughter
2013-06-11 04:24:10
Jim Iyke used and dumped me for Nadia - Keturah
One area that seems to have hurt Keturah more appears to be the rumour that Jim left her for the Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.
2013-06-10 08:59:49
Gambian/Sierra Leonean star actress Fatima Jabbe at the Onochie Premiere
Gambian/Sierra Leonean star actress Fatima Jabbe at the Onochie Premiere in London.
2013-06-10 02:44:22
Star Zero and Willie Jay to be united
2013-06-07 04:15:11
I have never undergone any surgery or implant - Omotola
Quizzed what the secret to her beautiful and youthfulness is, Omotola said there is no major secret to the look and that she took after her mother.
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