Alhaji Jalloh on the run in the hands of secret society
Published On : 2018-10-08 12:00:48
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By Mohamed Alieu Bah 
Alhaji Jalloh, a young man living in Ikeyo Village, Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone has gone missing after being forced against his will to join a secret society in their village. 
This press has been reliably informed that forceful initiation of young people into secret societies is prevalent in that part of the country, resulting in many young people becoming insane, partially handicapped or dead. 
The initiation ceremony of young people in to secret society can be very gruesome and horrific, as they are subjected to enormous beatings, knife and blade markings, stabbings and other forms of inhumane treatment, which most often results in life long deformation, trauma and stigma of the individual. 
Speaking to this writer on his ordeal before his disappearance, Alhaji disclosed to this writer that, on that fateful day, 10thFebruary 2014, he received a call from one of his friends who asked him to accompany him to his father’s house on a short visit, little did he know that his friend and some of his family members had arranged to initiate him in to the secret society without his consent. 
"On our way going to his purported father's resident, my friend persuaded me to help him collect some sticks in a bush not too far from the main street. He told me that, these sticks were demanded by his father. We entered the bush and as we went deeper in to the bush, we were ambushed by some members of the secret society, fearfully dressed in ritual attire.
They descended on me and tied my hands and legs and took me deeper in to the bush to an unfinished makeshift house, where I met other young men who have been brought there to be initiated. We were twelve in number and I was the last person to be brought in. I saw atrocity, degrading and inhumane treatment which I cannot put in words nor explain to anyone due to its magnitude and velocity.
Fortunately for me, I was able to secretly untie myself and after the second to last person was taken away and my turn came, I overpowered the men who were left to watch over me. I ran as fast as I can and left the village and hitch hike a ride on a truck carrying Charcoal to the capital city, Freetown.
This move became very necessary as remaining in my village will result in my death for running away from the initiation ceremony after seeing what obtains there. They are presently after me, and are looking for me everywhere because they don't want me to explain to anyone what I have seen. I now know their secrets and I will be killed if I am caught. I am presently running for my life" Alhaji Jalloh explained...
As of now, search has been conducted everywhere but Alhaji Jalloh is nowhere to be found. He was last seen the day he spoke to this writer.  

@ Calabash Newspaper, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

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