DANSDEV officially Opens Office at Ogoo Lane
Published On : 2018-09-07 05:27:12
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DANSDEV Officially Opens Office @ Ogoo Lane

By Mohamed B. Kamara


Danabelsandy Development Organisation, a community based organisation dealing with vulnerable persons in Sierra Leone, officially opened its office at 9 Ogoo Lane in Freetown on Wednesday 6th September 2018.


In an exclusive interview with this medium, the National Coordinator of the organisation, Francis Harding said that prior to the opening of the office; they had been touched by the plight of vulnerable people, especially the women, children and the disabled during the various visits to the slums and other areas in the city. This prompted the CEO, Madam Christiana Doe-Jones, who lives in Australia to form the organisation. He stressed that it is a charitable one and is solely funded by the CEO and children in Australia.


During their visit to the disabled at Pademba Road, they discovered that a good number of them were skilled but lacked the opportunity to fend for themselves, as a result they spend most of the time begging passers-by. They expressed the desire to be gainfully employed and be able to take care of their families.


Harding further maintained that at the Bormeh slum at Kingtom, they noticed kids searching for plastic sachets among the garbage dumped at the dumping site with their bare hands.


This they recognised poses serious health hazard to them. On investigations carried out by the organisation, they learnt that these kids were among the group of people they will call destitutes, as they had no way of eking a living than through this means, albeit without protective gears.


Francis Harding further explained that after interrogating the parents, who are mainly women, they found out that they were also involved in this search. Touched with compassion, they decided to engage them on a way to transform their lives to a better condition. In this regard, the CEO of the organisation has decided to empower them.


This empowerment includes provision of some financial assistance to the women to engage in small scale business which will help them take care of their kids and remove them from the dump site at Kingtom. The kids will be assisted to go to school. In this regard, the organisation will provide bags, uniforms, books lunch fees and shoes for them.


The secretary of the organisation, Lucy Boima disclosed that they have 31 disabled and 31 destitutes making a total of 62 persons in their care. These include women and children. However, the coordinator explained that in our society, the women and children are the most vulnerable and this is why they are their main focus at this initial stage.


The ceremony for the opening of the office was performed by Prophet Sesay who eventually cut the tapes in front of the office entrance, unveiled the billboard of the organisation and dedicated the whole activities of the Danabelsandy Development Organisation. Present at the ceremony were some residents in the Ogoo Lane community and the vulnerable groups.


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