CEO of Gerald Metals Craig Dean must not be trusted an inch...
Published On : 2017-12-01 07:15:48
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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gerald Metals, Craig Dean, has proven to be someone with a very abhorrent and questionable character as it has been established that he is very notorious for his dubious involvements in various business transactions in which most times he ends up defrauding unsuspecting and good intentioned individuals and Governments.
His name is synonymous with everything that borders around crook and criminality, having to grapple with series of lawsuits filed against him and the very company he purports to be heading.
Craig Dean, who used to be a Forensic Accountant Partner at Deloitte and who has no experience in trading or mining but only in manipulating figures and books and lie to the banks before he was hired by the shareholders of Gerald, stands guilty of maltreating workers in his employment as he is known to be very discriminatory against those whom he considers to be inferior and there was an instance when he sexually harassed an employee in the United States of America. “He is very unfair in terms of honoring and paying workers decently,” a close associate of his, on condition of anonymity, intimated adding how at one point in time he wickedly forced a Muslim worker to drink alcohol against his wish.
The criminal minded CEO of Gerald Metals is seriously battling with so many court cases in various parts of the globe bordering on financial impropriety against him. The Government of Congo has a case against his questionable company which is deemed fit to be blacklisted. 
He owes some banks huge amounts of monies including the Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) Banks who have lost confidence in Craig Dean and his associates mainly for several corrupt and shady deals across the world especially in Africa where they are alleged to have bribed their ways into several Governments using monies given to them by the RCF lenders .
Regrettably ,due to the fact that there are ill-motivated public figures who will stop at  nothing to satisfy their selfish motives, always quick to mortgage this country to crooks, the Craig Dean led  Gerald Metals surreptitiously bribed their way into the country using top government officials and as well breached several legal protocols and policies governing the country’s mining industry .These top authorities in government illegally signed documents that were outside their jurisdiction to sign paving the way for Craig Dean and Co to spread their tentacles under the pretext of taking over  the Marampa Mine and make it properly functional, lucrative from which the Government and people will stand to benefit.
Since their arrival into this country what has become very glaring is the uncontested fact that Gerald Metals lacks the financial resource it should have to efficiently and effectively operate the Marampa Mines. “What Craig Dean and others within Gerald Metals such as Brendan Lynch, Pat Crepeault- Directors, Mark Tsatskin, Federick Lotti and Doug Strong-Directors, Stephen Palmer- Head of Legal department, David Amar,  Alex Skidelsky- Country Manager for SL Mining and shareholders are now sweating to do is to solicit a loan from credible banks but their efforts have so far proved futile as they are no longer trustworthy based on the fact that they have outstanding debts to settle,” one of his close associates also disclosed.
What was understood from a thorough investigation conducted is that Craig Dean is bent on exploiting the country’s huge deposit of iron ore and gold with the intension of smuggling them out of the country thereby depriving the Government and people of this country from benefitting from its resources.
“We have learnt of his intensions and we are going to resist his moves to the fullest. He is an exploiter and we will ensure that he gets out of our midst,” a cross section of able bodied young people at Lunsar, in the Port Loko district, expressed their deepest dissatisfaction furthering how maybe Craig Dean thinks they are not mindful of the cases he has with four commercial banks  including SCB, FBN-UK, RMB and Ecobank .
They lambasted our greedy politicians and civil servants who aided Craig Dean to enter this country with his highly controversial outfit known as Gerald Metals and vowed that they will not hesitate to expose them.


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