Over Marampa Mines, Lunsar Plans Big Demo against SL Mining
Published On : 2017-11-27 06:50:45
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Reports reaching this medium has intimated that residents of the northern town of Lunsar, Port Loko District, who are suffering the most as a result of the inactivity of the once flourished Marampa Mines, where thousands of its sons and daughters and the entire Sierra Leonean citizenry were gainfully employed, are planning a very big demonstration against SL Mining, the company that took over the said mines since March this year.



According to reports, the planned demonstration is gearing towards sending a signal to the government and the people of Sierra Leone of the stalemate the said company has put the mines (Marampa) since they took over its operations.



According to the angry residents who expressed their dissatisfaction to this writer, they have enjoyed several years of beneficial mining activities in the mines spanning back to the days of London Mining Company and later Timis Mining Corporation whom as a result their operations, changed the lives of many of their sons and daughters. ‘’But since SL Mining illegally came in the picture,’’ they furthered, “nothing has absolutely been done in the mines.



They added that hundreds of million dollars have been invested into the Mine Site which the SL Mining wants to destroy and turn into scrap yard in no time as reports revealing that a court order has been made for the sale of the equipment in order to repay their (GERALD) Creditors as they continue to hold the people of this country to ransom with no good intention for the country.



‘’We will put enough pressure on the government and concerned authorities to revoke the mining license from these crooks that call themselves investors in order to give way to serious and trustworthy investors,’’ some of the local authorities stated adding that they will stop at nothing until SL Mining is finally kicked out of Sierra Leone by the government because according to them, Gerald Metals/SL Mining are just here to destroy the country. 

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