Published On : 2017-11-27 06:47:00
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Sierra Leoneans across the country especially the youths, women, traditional and religious authorities have called on the government of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to get rid of SL Mining by promptly withdrawing the Mining License given to it some nine months ago in order to save the country and its suffering youths, who heavily rely on the mining sector for employment and other economic benefits.
Citizens have made this call after it has become clear that Gerald Metals, who are also owners of SL Mining, the company that took over Marampa Mines cannot raise money because they are facing financial difficulties and having lost money which is unusual for a trading company who should be able to make money irrespective of commodity prices but, poor management from Craig Dean have rendered the company cashless and  have failed to make any impact in the Mines with reliable information revealing that the company has failed to raise money to restart the operations of the mines since taking over in March this year.
It is no longer a secret that Gerald Metals /SL Mining have been disowned by the Revolving Credit Facilities (RCF) Banks who have lost all confidence in their top officials especially Craig Dean- the CEO of Gerald Metals, Brendan Lynch, Pat Crepeault- Directors, Mark Tsatskin, Boris Kripitger and Sam Valler-Directors and shareholders and top right hand guys of Dean who are subject of several corrupt and shady deals across the world especially in Africa where they are alleged to have bribed their ways into several governments using monies given to them by the RCF.
 It is also no more a secret among Sierra Leoneans that Gerald Metals had bribed their way into the country using top government officials resulting in the breach of several legal protocols and policies governing the country’s mining industry including top authorities in government illegally signing documents that are outside their jurisdiction to sign among several other breach of protocols that will be exposed in subsequent editions. 
With their coming now being the biggest disappointment to not only the corrupt government officials that aided them but, the government and entire people of Sierra Leone who had thought they had the necessary resources to continue with the once booming Marampa Mines and as all indications pointing to the fact that they cannot raise money on their own and having also failed to raise any money form their creditors for the mines because of the lack of trust for them, Sierra Leoneans are now calling for the withdrawal of their license in order to give way to serious minded investors the country needs badly. 


'We now know their true colours,’some of the disgruntled youths stated adding that they will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that Gerald Metals/ SL Mining is kicked out of this country. 


By Thaimu Thullah

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