Sierra Leone attends Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road in China
Published On : 2017-09-21 14:04:05
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Ms. Angela Angwenyi, General Manager of African Young Voices Media Empire, and Abu Bakarr Kargbo of the Media One Centre are two Sierra Leonean Senior Journalists who joined over 300 Journalists/Media Representatives from 285 media houses in 126 countries and organizations in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province in the People’s Republic of China; in this year’s Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road. 
Held on 19th to 21st September 2017, the 4th People's Daily Forum was based on the theme: 'New Cooperation prospect: towards a common community of shared future'.
The Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road offered a platform for media around the world to carry out dialogues practical cooperation, and it is used as a platform to make contribution in developing multilateral relationships, promoting people to people exchanges and deepening mutual understanding and trust, and play a positive role in Belt and Road construction.  
Discussions were focused on the roles the media can play in spreading out the good initiatives of the one belt one road and also create more cooperation between China and participating countries and by extension the greater world. 
President of People's Daily, Yang Zhenwu called or the building of a greater platform and information highway for an improved friendship between China and other countries. The forum, he said has become an influential platform in the world for journalists organized by a Chinese Media. 
People's Daily has signed an agreement with 33 Media Institutions in 23 countries. It is currently pioneering the people to people exchange between China and other countries and using its media tools and platforms to effect greater collaboration and friendship between China and other countries. 
Since 2014, People's Daily has been hosting the important forum, which has achieved good results under the one belt one road initiative. 
The Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress, Zhang Ping said the media should play key roles in broadening the people to people cooperation, technology exchange, trade and economic development between China and other countries in the world. The media, he said should play the role of loud speaker under the belt and road, and should carry forward the idea of building mutual cooperation and open up more opportunities. "The media should build a better partnership and friendship and increase awareness about the belt and road," he said, and added that the media should be a propeller amongst belt and road countries by interpreting policies and enhance idea exchange. 
The One Belt and One Road which was proposed by the Chinese Government under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has much provided opportunities and better prospects for economic prospects and a brighter future. 
This year’s event saw the launch of the Belt and Road Cooperation Centre, and Cross-border Joint Reporting Projects. 
Participants had the opportunity to witness discussions on key topics addressed by selected heads of media institutions from Japan, Britain, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Australia, France, Nigeria etc. Topics presented and discussed include: ‘Global Media Cooperation: New Vision and New Mission’; ‘Media Convergence: New Concept and New Technology’; and ‘Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative on Global Economy: New Dynamic and New Opportunity’.
The all-important event was concluded with a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier, Zhang Gaoli at the Great Hall of the People on Thursday. He described the One Belt One Road initiative as a Chinese solution to mankind’s challenges in the world. The initiative which is currently yielding much dividend, he said seeks to build a community with common interest, a world of everlasting peace, common prosperity and shared values. 
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