APC Eddie Turay writes on politics of ethnicity
Published On : 2017-09-08 04:18:00
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What is casting a shadow on the whole Political spectrum in Sierra Leone today is the new message Politicians are selling, to wit that the South and related tribes must vote for a southern indigene, so is the case for the North.  It is time we wrap up this idea.  Sierra Leone is “One Country and One People” – “All People’s Congress” is for one country.  The two great Parties we know in Sierra Leone since Independence is either SLPP or the APC.  Of course, I acknowledge the presence of other minor Political Parties.


I am indeed heartened to observe that in the last two general elections, which APC won heads down, Freetown voted for the APC upside down, and indeed, in other regions of the country the politics of Ethnicity is evident.
Whether you agree with me or not, Sierra Leone is breeding a young and well educated elite with minds of their own – the Politics of ethnicity has no place in their mind set.  It is time we resurrect the SLPP Slogan “One People One Country” whether you are a Mende, Temne, Limba, Fulah etc, etc = “You are a great Sierra Leonean” – voted for being a Sierra Leonean, not for being Mende, Temne, Limba etc etc, to rule the “State of Sierra Leone”.  Being a Temne, Mende or Limba etc has no place in modern Sierra Leone.  We are breeding  young vibrant and well educated Sierra Leoneans.  The despicable idea that the North for the North, the South for the South etc is highly contagious.  If a Southerner, or a Northerner or a Westerner is qualified to run for the Presidency, the better line is, he or she is a bona-fide citizen of Sierra Leone, confirmed and proven to be so.
I conclude by submitting that it is not the tribe of the candidate that only qualifies him or her to run for the Presidency.  I humbly conclude by sharing these facts to all members of the APC Party – When the NPRC took over and kicked out the APC, I introduced a “Cell” to meet secretly, that was the premises of the late Mrs Formeh Kamara.  Believe me, most of my tribal colleagues jumped ship to run their own political groups or parties abandoning the APC.  In that “Cell” two prominent Southerners and others joined me and worked with me throughout the struggle – to resurrect APC.  There were few Northerners who contributed cash to the struggle.  Without naming names, one of the benefactors was identified when I called to his office to collect a donation, not knowing his office was under surveillance by the Police.  He suffered the consequences for the APC.
My fellow Sierra Leoneans, let us throw out of our minds the politics of ethnicity – whatever tribe a candidate comes from is irrelevant, the consensus is the candidate is a Sierra Leonean, qualified as to age, education, fit and healthy and a member of a Political Party.  Not because he is Temne not Kono, Limba not Mende, NO! That must stop in modern day Sierra Leone.
SLPP be reminded
APC be reminded
All People’s Congress
All other Political Parties – You are mere escorts of the SLPP and APC – You may hold the balance
Sierra Leone is One Nation and One People
We are all one and the same – People
 His Excellency Edward M. Turay
Source: Sierra Update
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