Neglect of historical sites, Sengbeh Pieh's grave in poor state
Published On : 2017-09-07 21:11:21
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Photo by Amistad Sierra Leone Preservation Society showing the grave of Sengbeh Pieh 
Amistad Sierra Leone Preservation Society has updated their facebook page with  a photograph showing  the grave of Sengbeh Pieh in reckless abandon.
Pieh was the Sierra Leonean leader of the Amistad Revolt.
According to the society's facebook update, a member from their team has drawn the attention of the National  Tourist Board on this issue but the Tourist Board has not responded adequately.
"Under heavy rain, I visited the offices of the National Tourist Board and its director to get them involved in preserving this historic site, I was not even accorded the courtesy of a phone call...." according to the Amistad post on Facebook.

The Society alledged that "For decades, Connecticut has been benefiting financially from the Amistad Revolt, so can Sierra Leone If only the tourism establishment had any appreciation for this historic incident that is literally under their noses."

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