Bangura family on the run
Published On : 2017-08-31 13:55:40
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Freetown, 20th April,2017- The Sierra Leone Police in Moyamba District is currently investigating the mysterious disappearance of three Family Members, Amidu Bangura (father), Fatimata Bangura ( wife of Ahmidu ) and  Kadiatu Bangura (daughter)  of  Mokebbie village, Rotifunk in the  southern district of Sierra Leone.
Photo: Kadiatu Bangura the daughter
According to some residents of Mokebbie Village who spoke to this medium said sometime on 13th April this year Fatmata Bangura,and Ahmidu Bangura were seen in a battle with some Senior Authorities  of  the Makebbie  Bondo society in a bid to forcefully initiate  Kadiatu Bangura(Daughter of both Amidu  and Fatmata Bangura) into a Bondo society in Makebbie village,Rotifunk.
Sources further intimated this medium that in Makebbie village  the  Customs and traditions demanded that  everybody either male or female residing in that part of the country must become a member of  the Poro  Society(a male secret society) or  Bondo  Society(a female secret society).
Santigi Yamba Bangura, the brother of Ahmidu ,disclosed to this medium that Ahmidu  and wife were  living in Freetown,Sierra Leone, prior to  the outbreak of the Ebola Virus diseases which plagued countries within the sub-region sometime in 2014.
Bangura further  explained that his brother,Ahmidu was working at the Boimoi Hotel, in Freetown as a  driver ,but later redundant by the hotel management due to the economic situation in the   country by then. After Ahmidu  dismissal, he said  life became very difficult for him.Therefore,Ahmidu gone  to  the  Makabbie village in order to start life again.There he  envisaged an ugly incident where he was approached by  some secret society initiate informing him that as custom and tradition demanded they wanted to initiate Kadiatu Bangura into a secret society.
At that juncture,  Ahmidu and his wife refused in doing so because they were  Christian saying  that they did not want to be a party to such an act.
it was disclosed that  one Thursday April this year, Ahmidu  and wife went to  the farm to get some  fire woods in order for them to sell and raised  money so that they could  go back to the city(Freetown).On their return home , they understood that  some Bondo Society women entered into their house and confisticated  Kadiatu Bangura for her to be initiated into the Society Bush in Makebbie village.

As soon as   Ahmidu and his wife got the information’s they stormed the society bush  to retrieve their daughter Kadiatu Bangura. There, it was reliably learnt that a distasteful battle occurred between Ahmidu and the Bondo society women’s’. During that ugly scenario, one of the initiate got injured.


The matter was reported to the police at Rotifunk , Moyamba District where the police later invited Ahmidu and his wife. But they never responded to the call of the police and that the injured secret society initiate reportedly died .   

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