Airtel/Orange launches new data reduction
Published On : 2017-08-19 08:56:58
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On Friday 11th August 2017, Sierra Leone’s leading mobile operator, Airtel/Orange launched a data reduction scheme geared towards providing more data for internet users at less cost.
Speaking at the launching ceremony held at the company’s head Quarter at Hill Station, the Chief Executive Officer, Sekou Drame, told the press and all present including the head of Consumer Protection Agency, Mr Kabia that the company listens to the voices of its customers and this data reduction is its response to their call.
This will enable customers to browse through the internet for longer periods at low and affordable cost. Whilst they are in the process of increasing the network capacity and availability to the nation this product will further add to the service provided to its numerous customers.
Sekou Drame said that as it is the policy of government to ensure that nationwide accessibility to the internet is achieved, it is the dream of the company to deliver quality and high speed internet service to the nation. He made reference to school going kids and students whom, he said will benefit more from the use of this service as they will now be able tp access the internet and download information on their respective courses at a low cost.
He hastened to inform the nation and his customers that the quality of service in all aspects of telecoms is the same standard as that of International Orange/Sonatel. CEO Drame maintained that this price reduction for internet service will create an avenue for the underprivileged, school going children and students to do their research and connect with the outside world at rock bottom prices.
The data reduction code named ‘Boku Boku Browsing—Browse for almost natin’ was then unveiled and Felix Macauley made the presentation of the various bundles and cost apportioned to them. According to Felix, the price of data has been reduced by 58%.
He disclosed that there are 3 categories otherwise called bundles. The first is known as the light Bundle which caters for individuals who are low income earners but who want to access the internet; the second caters for the middle income earners and it is called Medium Bundle whilst the last is for high income earners, known as strong Bundle.
In all these categories, he went on, the cost of mega bites has been drastically reduced thus giving all users the opportunity to use more mega bites for very low cost and experience better quality and high speed internet service. Customers are encouraged to text *800# and enjoy the service.

A lucky deep session which saw several journalists and staff receiving huge gigabytes for one month climaxed the program.      

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