MoneyGram feeds the aged
Published On : 2017-06-14 07:21:31
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Leading international money transfer, MoneyGram over the weekend donated assorted food consignment to the King Georges 's VI Home for the Aged at Grafton.

The consignment of food items that were received on behalf of the aged the management of the Society for the Welfare of the Aged includes ten bags of rice, cooking oil, palm oil, onions, cartons of Tomato paste, Maggie, packs of sugar, milk, tea bags and other items. In a rather joyful mood, the inmates of the home welcomed the MoneyGram team with songs of praises that was accompanied by the melodious beats of an- 80 year-old guitarists.

Dr. Julius Spencer, Managing Director of Premier Media, the marketing and communications firm for MoneyGram in Sierra Leone said the gesture is to show solidarity to the old people and reinforces the company's  commitment to its corporate social responsibility as an annual event.


He told his audience that MoneyGram has remained credible, reliable and the most convenient way of sending and receiving money in Sierra Leone through Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Rokel Commercial Bank, GT Bank, Afro International, FBN Bank , UBA and Keystone Bank.


Spencer also said that MoneyGram is currently running its 'Ramadan Promotion'  which gives very customer that send or receives money during the holy month to get a pack of rice as gift.


He also maintained that customers who also send above US$200 overseas stand the chance of winning various luxurious prizes like bags of rice, cooking oil, rams and other valuable items. Treasurer of the Home, Hannah Deen, was full of appreciation for Moneygram.


She said the old people have always remain grateful for the kind gesture extended to the home every year.


"Old people in this home always look forward for support from institutions and individuals for livelihoods and care but MoneyGram is one such organization we always expect" she said.


The representatives from Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Afro International and GT Bank assured customers that doing transactions with Moneygram is faster and easier than any other money transfer in the world.


They encouraged the residents to be doing business with MoneyGram as it is the fastest mode of money transfer, reliable and itslocated nationwide.


By: N'fa Alie Koroma

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