Sam-Sumana better than Victor Foh?
Published On : 2017-05-16 10:45:07
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Workers at the office of the Vice President are presently in the cold reminiscing over what they now believe was a figment of their imagination to at this material time be enjoying improved facilities befitting working in a high profiled office.
“To our utter dismay we continue to face poor and abject conditions,” they bemoaned.
Expressing their frustration, under strict condition of anonymity, some of the disenchanted workers confided in this medium that they were expecting the current Vice President to facilitate the process of improving their working conditions at the office. 
“The former Vice President, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana was seen to be far better in that direction,” majority of them opined.
Their grievances range from one area of dissatisfaction to another but prominent among them is the subsistence allowance to travel upcountry which precisely is seventy thousand Leones (Le 70,000) per day which they complained cannot cover their expenses when upcountry.
The aggrieved members of staff intimated that their concern is that while majority of them continue to suffer in silence others who belong to the President’s Office at State House are notably enjoying better facilities, getting full packages of what is due them irrespective of the fact that the country is seemingly going through austerity measures.
“But the irony of the whole issue is that our expectations never materialized before the austerity measures were imposed and so it is hard to convince us that what we are going through could be attributed to that,” one of them argued vociferously.
According to investigation conducted, it was also learnt that even the security guards assigned to the current Vice President are allegedly disgruntled but cannot dare to voice out their plight.
The VP, according to our findings, has been exhibiting conspicuous wealth within the period he was appointed as Vice President of the State, more than when he was a Civil Servant and the National Secretary General of the APC.
Times SL is in possession of videos and photos of the houses that have been built in the village of the VP which are allegedly believed, if investigated, to be unexplained wealth.

It was again reiterated by the workers that things should have been better for them at this material time if Sam Sumana was Vice President as, according to them, the writing was clearly on the wall, that more improved facilities awaited them.



“Anyway, it is a pity that he was summarily dismissed,” unanimously they lamented.  


By: Amin Kef Sesay (Ranger)

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