Published On : 2017-05-16 09:25:17
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SALWACO has been commended for making landmark achievement in line with the third Poverty reduction program to improve water and sanitation in the rural district and part of President Koroma’s agenda for prosperity.
It can be recalled that on the 18th September 2013 African Development Bank (AfDB) approved the rural water and sanitation project with funding to SALWACO to improve basic water supply in the rural area of Sierra Leone.
This comprehensive development targets 7 rural District across the country.
At a meeting held in the Ministry of finance, conference Room in Freetown, Roger Lubunga, the principal and sanitation engineer AfDB and task team leader for the project lauded
SALWACO  for its  remarkable achievement  in improving the water sector by not only  providing the rural communities  with ground water  facilities but  also giving them the opportunity to access information of the system through the internet.
This has benefitted over 50,000 people with portable and reliable water system. Roger emphasized that since the implementation of the project last year to date, SALWACO has made significant gains in the improvement of the infrastructure of the project   from 28-32% to 75% which he Describes as a landmark achievement.
SALWACO Director General, Samuel Bangura, applauded the AFDB and DFID for their financial support in making this project a reality. He added that recently his institution went on a monitoring visit of the rural water and sanitation system in the rural district where they noticed 80% of the work has been completed and encouraged all contractors to put all hands on deck to ensure the completion of this project.
“After thorny time and strong revolution”, Bangura said, SALWACO has rolled up its sleeve to achieve the completion of the project and praised it as an impressive achievement.
“There was no mistake for the African Development Bank after providing monies to facilitate the three water town projects, again decided to finance them to tackle the rural water and sanitation problems”, Bangura reiterated.
He continued to encourage the Bank to support his institution to speed up the project and enable them to meet with the specific timeframe of the projects.
Representing the Sierra Leone Water Directorate, Lamin Suma commended the banks for their financial support adding that the projects will benefit all Sierra Leoneans.
By David Johnson: The Times SL
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