Minister Attacked At Lungi Airport
Published On : 2014-03-03 22:37:06
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The Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Madam Mabinty Daramy was, in the early hours of Sunday March, 2, 2014 assaulted by a lady who claimed to be the sweet heart of the Minister of Information and Communications, Alhaji Alpha Kanu.



Alpha Kanu’s ex-girlfriend, Madam Mabinty Daramy told the Global Times, in an exclusive interview that she was attacked by one Mariama Bah at the Lungi International Airport because, she (Mariama) believed that she was still dating Alpha Kanu. “I stopped dating Alpha Kanu a long time ago... Infact, at the time the incident at Lungi Airport took place, I was not even on speaking terms with Alpha”, said Mabinty Daramy.



According to Mabinty, she only went to see-off her Pastor, who was travelling overseas for further medical treatment. “I didn’t even know that, Alpha was also travelling to the UK that morning... It was my Pastor who told me that Alpha wanted to say hi to me... And I obliged... It was during this exchange of courtesies that this lady emerged from the blue, and attempted to rush at me... She was quickly restrained by some security people... the incident created a rumpus at the airport... I was thoroughly embarrassed by the incident” according to Mabinty Daramy.



Eyewitnesses told the Global Times that Alpha Kanu had to escape the embarrassment by rushing to board the London Heathrow – bound British Airways flight. Before boarding the flight, Alpha Kanu gave firm instructions to the Police to handle the matter “with utmost seriousness”.



Meanwhile, Mabinty Daramy has confirmed to the Global Times that she has made a formal report at the Lungi Police Station against Mariama Bah for assault and threatening remarks.


Mariama has reportedly threatened to burn down Mabinty’s official vehicle and even spray acid on her. All attempts to contact both Alpha Kanu and Mariama Bah proved unsuccessful last night.


A Police spokesman at Lungi said they were investigating a report of assault made against a lady by a Junior Minister. He said he was aware of the incident at Lungi Airport but clarified that the Minister of Information and Communications was not physically hurt during the incident. “I can confirm that Minister Alpha Kanu escaped unhurt”, he said.


Source: fb-Patric Foryoh‎The Righteous Way Forward (Sierra Leone)


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