As Commission of Inquiry Kick-Starts... Massive Manhunt for escaped SLPP PRO
Published On : 2018-09-10 07:49:59
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Massive Manhunt for Escaped SLPP PRO

By Thaimu Thullah

Following the setting up of the SLPP-led government commission of inquiry on August 13th 2018, one Mamadu Wurie Barrie who is Public Relations Officer of the SLPP has been declared wanted and is reportedly on the run for his life.


According to usually reliable sources, Mamadu Wurie Barrie in his capacity as Public Relations Officer of the SLPP Koinadugu allegedly played a very active role by organizing a demonstration by youths on 16th August, 2016 in Kabala Town, northern Sierra Leone which led to the death of at least three people, leaving many others seriously injured.


Reports state that Mamadu Wurie Barrie led hundreds of youths and staged the protest when the past APC Government reneged on its earlier promise to build a Youth Village in the township of Kabala. As a result, youths went berserk when they learnt that the Youth Village would no longer be built in their hometown of Kabala.


Mamadu Wurie Barrie was subsequently invited by Police and due to the fact that at the time he was an outspoken member of the SLPP then in opposition. Investigations reveal that despite the fact that Mamadu Wurie Barrie was an ardent supporter of the SLPP; he was a known sympathiser and supporter of the KKY Movement of Hon. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, former presidential candidate of the National Grand Coalition (NGC). The latter was also a former presidential aspirant with the SLPP which he left to form the NGC when he was refused the symbol.


Against this background, Mamadu Wurie Barrie could not claim protection from the SLPP at the time and even now because it was common knowledge that he was a supporter of KKY more than he was a supporter of the SLPP.


Currently, Mamadu Barrie is wanted not only by the Judiciary but he is also wanted by the Commission to throw light on the said Kabala incident. Since he disappeared, his whereabouts are unknown.


A search was executed for him by the former APC Government to no avail. He reportedly sought refuge in a village called Makakura where he was in hiding for about 3 months.


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