Anthony Navo Jr is not a political mischief-maker...
Published On : 2018-09-05 08:29:32
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Anthony Navo Jr is not a political mischief-maker…

By Ranger


The notion that not even a Saintly, straight-forward and pious individual is above baseless criticisms against his or her personality, which may simply stem out of hatred, malice or political difference, cannot be an understatement.


This is indeed nothing new with regards human relationships but in some cases an individual who may feel can recourse to instituting legal action for libel or slander.


It is against such a backdrop that many have strongly condemned a recent Social Media posting in circulation against the personality of ace business guru, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr ,who has indelibly imprinted his name and mark in the business community, touched the lives of many young people, currently supporting various worthy causes and contributing copiously to overall national development as seen in his readiness to timely pay taxes to Government.


Amb. Junior Navo, as he is popularly known in various circles, is the Chief Executive Officer of the African Young Voices (AYV) media empire comprising both radio, television stations and newspaper. It goes without saying that AYV currently occupies an enviable position within the country’s media landscape for sound informative, educative and entertaining programmes that are cherished by people of all ages.


The empire has in its employ talented young people and the CEO is very passionate about empowering them in order to enhance their God-given human abilities.


As is highlighted in the aforementioned posting that Junior Navo was interested in politics under the banner of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) making mention that he contested to become Member of Parliament for Constituency 104 in 2012 is not anything strange to many who knows this fine gentleman. Though he was a popular candidate in the political race, because of certain nefarious underhand political games, the young man lost.


After that period he decided to concentrate on other activities and his business ventures moving a step forward to become a top official of African Minerals Limited at the same time overseeing his Foreign Exchange Bureau enterprise. He again ventured into setting up AYV which has now become highly successful.


Having established these facts, it is completely mischievous and malicious on the part of the individual who posted the vicious lie against Amb. Navo that the young man utilized the AYV radio and television stations to castigate the APC during the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections which gave an edge to the SLPP and resulted in the latter winning the elections.


For him to blame Navo for the various sackings that have transpired is totally erroneous and a calculated ploy to tarnish the hard won reputation of a fine gentleman. We all know that the SLPP Government, under the leadership of President Bio, has its own agenda and yardstick in going about State Governance.


There is no way it could be convincing to assert that AYV and by extension Navo has contributed in the decision that the Government has embarked on to make changes by bring new people on board with the avowed aim of effectively rolling out the New Direction manifesto.


Again for some to claim that he is part of President Bio’s delegation to China is an untruth as it has been confirmed that he went as an official of Shandong Steel which can be ascertained by the name of the company that is inscribed on the tag he was putting on during the entire conference.


As an independent media outlet that is well known for objectivity there is nothing wrong to broadcast political video clips and pictures as there is no gainsay in doing so rather to come out with the truth for public consumption. It is erroneous to say AYV is doing so to provide information of public officials who could be targeted for being shown the exit door because of their political leanings.


People should learn to be decent, respect the integrity of others, refrain from jealousy and desist from making unfounded allegations against upright people who over the years have etched a good reputation.

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