Jamal Shallop breaks silence
Published On : 2018-09-05 07:46:14
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Netpage Company in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Jamal Shallop, in an exclusive interview with this medium, said that Netpage is not responsible for the falling of the Sierra Leone ePassport into the hands of foreign nationals as it has been rumoured.


He said Netpage is only a third party in the tripartite ePassport contract agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and Thomas De La Rue by financing the contract, while Thomas De La Rue handles the printing of the Sierra Leone ePassport.


As the principal in the contract, Jamal Shallop, described the contract as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), but ascertained that $100 is the price for a passport in the contract agreement, but that a passport is being sold for about $80 or $85 which is equivalent to Le 750.000.00.


Shallop added that Thomas De La Rue has been doing business with successive Sierra Leonean governments for more than four decades; printing passports and the country’s legal tender, the ‘Leone’.


He pointed out that his business credibility qualified him to be the Local Content Provider for the ePassport contract agreement.


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