Heads to roll for Special Court ruins
Published On : 2018-09-03 12:45:57
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Heads to roll for Special Court ruins

By Ranger

The current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Madam Priscillia Schwartz, has said in strong terms that stern action is going to be instituted against those who will be found wanting for the dilapidated state in which the former Special Court is currently in.


She disclosed that 58 million dollars was spent by donors to set up the court which was established for the prosecution and trial of all those who carried the greatest responsibility for unleashing the 11 years rebel war that claimed the lives of many Sierra Leoneans and destroyed properties worth millions of Leones.


Justice Minister Schwartz lamented that most of the infrastructure as well as fittings inside the court were looted and up to 200 vehicles carted away which could not be currently traced.


She underscored how after completion of the trails of perpetrators of the war the court was then handed over to the Government reaffirming that it was the responsibility of the then incoming Attorney General to take full charge of the Special Court in order to ensure that it remained intact. “Regrettably that function was not carried out effectively thereby making the court a free for all to vandalize,” she bemoaned further disclosing that it was the intention of the present SLPP Maada Bio led administration to use the court to host the Commission of Inquiry that is yet to start its seating but said such will not be possible mentioning that if any rehabilitation work is to be undertaken for that purpose it will cost the Government billions of Leones and work will not be completed within a short period. “Government is thinking of another alternative venue,” she revealed.


She maintained that the Special Court, when it was in a fine shape, attracted the attention of legal luminaries from different parts of the world saying it was also a tourist destination.


“I am always ashamed whenever people call me from out decrying the dilapidated state of the Special Court,” she expressed indignation.


Madam Schwartz ended up reiterating that all those who will be named for the current ruined state of the Special Court will have to face the Commission of Inquiry. 


Source: Calabash Newspaper


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